Cake, 2013

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Possibly the shortest ever performance in four acts on the smallest ever stage. A twist on the classic burlesque cake-act, Cake, is a surprise for the faint hearted. Meet the soloist who is well dressed, well iced, is in love with her audience and is a bit of a hazard.

Credit: Choreography and text by Eleanor Sikorski

Running time: 20min

Cake, Sadler's Wells, 2013. Photo: Camilla Greenwell.

Commissioned by BELLYFLOP Magazine for Sadler's Wells Wildcard, 2013.

"’s a love-fest, an invitation to partake in an intimate serving of four acts [...] She is an exuberant circus performer. A gymnast gone rogue. A movie-star of old, thriving on the adoration of her fans." Fiona Millward

'Cake is witty, absurd, and touching. As a performer Eleanor exudes warmth. Three days later I continue to discover lovehearts and marshmallows in my bag. The gift that keeps on giving.' BELLYFLOP

'Sikorski's performance was perhaps the most assured of the night. Hilarious and beautiful, poignant yet self mocking, and performed with the audience control of a seasoned comic.' Cloud Dance

'Sikorski’s performance is like watching someone have a very public breakdown, beautiful, emotional, and playfully skipping beside comfort zones.' Kirsty Allison