Comebacks I thought of later, 2016 

Comebacks I thought of later . Photo: Hugo Glendinning

Comebacks I thought of later. Photo: Hugo Glendinning

The poignancy of the performance is as much in the wit of Sikorski’s ribaldry as in her self-deprecatory realization of her inability to think up the comebacks at the moment they were needed. The great strength of Comebacks is in its mastery of the anecdotal form and its scathing celebration of male failings.’

‘Comebacks I thought of later’ should be mandatory viewing for all young women.’
Audience member.

'A raw, charming and frank performance that will remind you of the power of your own voice.’ Audience member.

Have you ever kicked yourself not being more quick-witted? Or replayed a conversation in your head that you wish had gone differently? This is about that; tales of sex and sassy comebacks, where the mundane wonders and traumas of life get a good kicking. With humour, song, dance and a lot of honesty, Sikorski talks about sex, relationships, being young and the ups and downs of calling people 'dicks'. She reflects on how her own life might have been different had she come up with all the right comebacks at all the right times.

Choreography, Music and text by Eleanor Sikorski. 
Running time: 25min