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Comebacks I thought of later @ The Old Market, Brighton

  • The Old Market Theatre 11A Upper Market Street Hove, England, BN3 1AS United Kingdom (map)

Comebacks makes a trip to Brighton in a double bill with Jan Martens.

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South East Dance launches a new micro-festival of contemporary performance with a choreographic edge.un-disciplined presents three days of creative encounters, conversations and performance by artists and imaginative thinkers who are not bound by a specific genre. 

Comebacks I thought of later
By Eleanor Sikorski
Have you ever kicked yourself for not being more quick witted? Or replayed a conversation in your head that you wish had gone differently? This is about that. These are tales of sex and sassy comebacks, where things are turned on their head. Tragedy becomes beauty, regret becomes comedy and the mundane wonders and traumas of life get a good kicking. Eleanor talks about sex, relationships, being young and the ups and downs of calling people 'dicks'. She reflects on how her own life might have been different had she come up with all the right comebacks at all the right times.

Ode to the Attempt (a solo for meself)
By Jan Martens  
Ode to the Attempt is a solo that Jan Martens created for himself. After producing some almost dogmatic pieces like The Dog Days are Over (2014) and Sweat Baby Sweat (2011), this solo is a safe zone for Martens to fool around in. The result is a collage-like self-portrait laying bare choreographic and other choices and his way of working and living. Authenticity, manipulation, coolness, perfectionism, humour and melancholy form the extremes between which Martens moves, wondering whether he is part of the new generation. In this solo Martens provides insight into his way of working and living. He bares himself before you, inviting you to have a look in his head and his computer.

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