New work residency - Open Studio.
1:00 pm13:00

New work residency - Open Studio.

  • Chisenhale Dance SPace

You are very welcome to come to my open studio at Chisenhle Dance Space. It will be at the end of two weeks of research for my new piece.

Eleanor is trying to build herself a context. A room, a backdrop, a golden picture frame, a climate, an angle of light, a short history… it could be any of these things, as long as the colours match her mood. During this residency she will build these places, sit within them, see what happens and observe who she becomes. This is not about sitting in the sun, this is about triggering stories, making scenes, capturing images and making something worthy of your time.

Studios will be open from 1pm-5pm and you can feel free to come and go. A donation bar with refreshments will be available. Fellow artists in residence Melody Squire will also have an open studio on the same day.

Please note: CDS is on the 4th floor with no lift.

Residencies are supported using public funding by Arts Council England


Comebacks I thought of later @ The Place, London
8:00 pm20:00

Comebacks I thought of later @ The Place, London

  • The Place

Comebacks I thought of later at The Place.

Have you ever kicked yourself not being more quick-witted? Or re-played a conversation in your head that you wish had gone differently? This is about that. These are tales of sex and  sassy comebacks, where things are turned on their head. Tragedy becomes beauty, regret becomes comedy and the mundane wonders and traumas of life are laid bare.

I am thrilled to be sharing the an evening with May-We-Go-Round? by THE HICCUP PROJECT. 

More info and tickets

Big hands, big heart @ TripSpace Projects
8:00 pm20:00

Big hands, big heart @ TripSpace Projects

  • TripSpace Projects

Eleanor will present a new extended version of her solo Big hands, big heart as part of Summerdance a TripSpace Projects.

Dive into a 360 degree evening of in-the-round choreographies from the hottest happening dancemakers this side of the canal. Envelop yourself in the liveness; drop dead on the dancefloor.


Lilly Pöhlmann & Tora Hed | Screws for Fixing
Christopher Owen | Broken Fall Organic
Eleanor Sikorski | Big hands, big heart

More info and tickets

Solo Improvisation
7:30 pm19:30

Solo Improvisation

Eleanor will be performing an improvised solo, sharing a triple bill with Collective Endeavours and  Steve Noble.

A triple bill of improvised movement and music from Glasgow and London. 
Collective Endeavours from Glasgow believe in taking dance to places where it isn't usually shown and spend a lot of time working on music/dance group improvisation. For their second show at I K L E CT I K , there will be Joan Cleville, Solène Weinachter and Nerea Gurrutxaga dancing, Caroline Krabbel (sax) and Jer Reid (guitar). There will be a solo from Eleanor Sikorski, and also drumming by Steve Noble.

Collective Endeavours:

Eleanor Sikorski
Eleanor Sikorski will perform an improvised solo, bending the truth and twisting the space. With no plan, other than to embrace fiction and fantasy, she will play with movement, story telling and sound.

Steve Noble:

Comebacks I thought of later @ LONDON TOPOPHOBIA 13
8:00 pm20:00

Comebacks I thought of later @ LONDON TOPOPHOBIA 13

Blooms in the Desert of London

LONDON TOPOPHOBIA is an artist-led group running performance events in London.
They are a group of artists, working with sound/music composition, choreography/dance research and performance, performance art, electronics and light/sound installation.
London Topophobia is a meeting point for makers to share and air performance works at different points in the creative process. It exists both as a useful point of departure for artists, and as an alternative take on what the London performance scene has to offer in the current political and economic climate.
As part of their Nomadic series, they will be returning to an exciting off-the-radar space in Hackney to host an extra special night of performances.

£6 on the door

Comebacks I thought of later @ Trip the Light | Intercontinental Drifts
8:15 pm20:15

Comebacks I thought of later @ Trip the Light | Intercontinental Drifts

  • Trip Space

Trip the Light | Intercontinental Drifts is a monthly platform (February-July 2016) where cutting edge choreography from across Europe and the UK meet. A night of new moves, new waves and new choreographic terrain. 

Each night presents a host of juicy dance works topped off with a band to get up and split your jeans to. Sit back, be immersed, then exorcise your demons on the dance floor.

Information and tickets.

Comebacks I thought of later @ COZ IF YOUR FRIENDS DON'T DANCE
6:00 pm18:00

Comebacks I thought of later @ COZ IF YOUR FRIENDS DON'T DANCE

  • Caroline Gardens chapel

For one night only we will be taking over ASYLUM, a beautiful old chapel in Peckham. Please join us for an evening of dance, art and drinks.

Doors open @ 6pm
Performances @ 7pm

More information and to buy tickets

'The Face to Face'
by James Morgan, Esther Siddiquie and Alex Springer

"They stood facing one another, both silently demanding, 'thou shalt not kill me'. In an attempt to do justice to 'the other', two bodies negotiate an impossible process of joint decision making.

'Come-backs I thought of later'
by Eleanor Sikorski

"Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought" (Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1820). Sikorski takes some relatively shit experiences and turns them into great entertainment.

'Gender Bend'
by Nina von der Werth

"We enter the restaurant. We take a table in the corner. I move his chair back slightly so he can sit, then sit facing him". A long hard look at the gender prejudices we subject ourselves to daily.

Art by Alex Springer