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Solo Improvisation

Eleanor will be performing an improvised solo, sharing a triple bill with Collective Endeavours and  Steve Noble.

A triple bill of improvised movement and music from Glasgow and London. 
Collective Endeavours from Glasgow believe in taking dance to places where it isn't usually shown and spend a lot of time working on music/dance group improvisation. For their second show at I K L E CT I K , there will be Joan Cleville, Solène Weinachter and Nerea Gurrutxaga dancing, Caroline Krabbel (sax) and Jer Reid (guitar). There will be a solo from Eleanor Sikorski, and also drumming by Steve Noble.

Collective Endeavours:

Eleanor Sikorski
Eleanor Sikorski will perform an improvised solo, bending the truth and twisting the space. With no plan, other than to embrace fiction and fantasy, she will play with movement, story telling and sound.

Steve Noble: