Er… good morning to you all, from Wollaton Hall.
Jam with your toast, anyone?


I could have stayed for hours in the collection storage rooms at the Nottingham Natural History Museum at Wollaton Hall. Thanks to co-curator Adam Smith for the tour. Only 0.2% percent of the collection is on display. There are SO MANY bones back here (and fossils, minerals, plants, eggs, herbs, shells, taxidermy, 'spirit' preserved animals…).

Sketchy sketches

Sketchy sketches,
dodgy doodles
of Newstead Abbey.
Some first impressions.
Collages according to now.
What would it be like if these old folk
were all alive now?
The men, dogs and bears?
The women, babies and maids?
The slaves?
History looks funny from where I stand,
but it’s also familiar.
What was that Byron guy doing?
What was that Wildman guy thinking?
Same old.

All collages by Eleanor Sikorski
Photos of the grounds at Newstead Abbey