Eleanor is a dancer and choreographer. She currently works as part of Nora and tours her solo work. She has been making music and films since 2013.

She studied contemporary dance (LCDS 2006-10). Her solo choreography spans performance, comedy, music and film and is made for both theatres and social spaces. Favouring communication with her audience over loyalty to form, her work has taken many shapes, often drawing on the narrative of her own life and the wider social commentary which is brought to light.

She works as a dancer for several choreographers and artists: currently Eva Recacha, Igor and Moreno, Karl Jay-Lewin, Dog Kennel Hill Project, William Hunt, Jenny Moore, and previously Seke Chimutengwende, Alex Reubens, Alexandre Achour and Gillie Kleiman/Sara Lindström.

Other activities include teaching dance and composition; co-facilitating dressing-up and performance workshops with James Morgan; co-facilitating intergenerational performance projects with Sue Mayo and Magic Me; making video trailers for performance; dress making.


Photo: Hugo Glendinning, 2018.

Photo: Hugo Glendinning, 2018.